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Coach Sabrina St. Rose in a NESTA certified Personal Fitness Trainer as well as a Nationally Ranked Bodybuilding Athlete at 52 years old competing in the NPC GrandMasters Bikini category.  She won 1st Place in the NPC Gladiator Championiship in Baltimore in 2017 - GrandMaster Bikini Category.

She is also a full-time wife, mother with a B.A. in Liberal Arts, Fluent in Spanish and Italian. She has over 25 years of Information Technology Leadership expertise and has a multitude of current certifications such as a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, Master Project Manager, expert in ITIL practices and PMO practices and seasoned in Enterprise Deployments in Healthcare and Non-Profit industries. 

​Her coaching style is simple:  I belive that “Everyone Is an Athlete”, I am a master at releasing that in every client regardless of whether they are Youth, High School, College, Pro or just Recreational Fitness Population striving to be in their best shape ever.

I help other busy professionals globally get in the best shape of their life for maximum performance via individual meal planning and fitness plans catering to their health plan and busy lifestyles.  Visit my Google Reviews to see just a few of my client testimonials or visit my social media channels at the top of this website to connect to other testimonials. 

​I am available for Product Ambassador roles and Public Speaking I continue to Defy Age at 52 years young as a National Athlete and Coach and I am passionate about our Youth and teaching every person that approaches me how to become healthy.

So, what is your fitness goal? 

1. How to Lose Weight
2. Losing Weight Fast
3. Fasting Help or Intermittent Fasting
4. Online personal training
5. Cancer Recovery or Chemotherapy?
6. Fatigue?
7. Recovery from an injury?
8. Bariatric Patient?
9. Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetic Patient?
10. Obese and need to lose more than 60 pounds
11. New Mom wanting to get that baby fat off
12. Recently divorced and want that revenge body back
13. Prepping for a contest or fit for photos?
14. Bride or Groom to be Fitness Group Fitness?
15. Stress?
16. Hormone Issues?
17. Testosterone Challenges?
18. Losing precious muscle and having saggy or crepey skin?
19. Tired of doing too much cardio with no results but watching the scale go up?
20. Energy and depression has set in?

Whatever your reason may be to get fit you don't need to do it alone;
Each one of these fitness scenarios requires a consultation with a caring coach to guide you through your individualized plan. 

Let's start today life offers no promises for a tomorrow stop procrastinating on your health. Self-care is not selfish it is critical our temple should not be our tomb.

Demand a professional in all that you do. - 

You deserve it and I am going to show you every step of the way how to find you greatness and feel energetic and amazing losing one pound at a time and shedding one inch at a time.  Isn't it time to learn how to self-care for yourself and stop procrastinating on becoming the best you?

Coach Sabrina 
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My name is Kelli Harsha, and I have finally decided to write to Egg Whites International about my transformation. I started losing weight about 6 years ago. I walked into a local meeting weighing 288 pounds. Over time I lost 87 pounds.

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"I dropped over 50 lbs of fat and Egg Whites International played a major part in my fat loss. So easy to measure out my egg whites and cook them. They always made for easy and delicious meals!"

- Bo Taylor, M.Ed. /​

* Individual results may vary by customer see testiimonials click banner on right.

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What Are Customers Saying About Faith In You Fitness?

Customer Testimonials 

Ask our members about Faith In You Fitness and you will find the answers to be anything from attentive and helpful staff to a non-intimidating atmosphere with other member's sharing similar goals in which they are sure to meet their fitneess goals!

Look losing weight can be daunting but with a seasoned Coach and Personal Trainer on your team who has the knowledge and expertise and most of all develops a personal plan for your body you will succeed in your weight loss journey. Read some of our testimonials.

M, Hayek - I have to give kudos to you Sabrina for your outstanding support and for working with me to start my lean body Journey. I have started my eating plan one week ago and I have dropped 8 pounds.

I have been struggling for a year now trying to lose weight and keep it off. I have done all the diets and bought all the nutritional supplements however; nothing has worked for me until you came along. You have been my inspiration and the support and the motivation you have given me in a daily basis is unavailable.

Thank you for putting me on this special eating and work out plan and thank you for being my motivator. I cannot wait to reach my goals and perhaps stand on stage one day to show the world my a compliments. I really and truly appreciate your support.

*** Note - Results may vary from person to person.

Don't take other peoples word for it.  We invite you to come in and experience the high touch experience for yourself and find out why more and more women and men are choosing Faith In You Fitness to be their personal trainer. We look forward to seeing you in the club real soon!